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Gaining good search engine placement was one thing, we were then given advice and help in maintaining our ranking.
Steve Johnson - Owner

Web Site Marketing

Targeted traffic equals profit.

With the internet itīs a numbers game. The more traffic that comes to your site the more you sell. A reasonable conversion rate from visitors into customers is between 1 and 2 percent, depending on what you are selling. That means if you have a 100 visitors to your site every day then you could expect 1 or 2 purchasers. If you have a 1000 visitors then you could expect 20 purchasers, and so on, but itīs not as simple as that. Traffic comes to a site from 4 main channels:

Search Engine Optimisation is vitally important but without the traffic from alternative sources your business is a hostage to fortune. If the search engines change their algorithms (and they do - regularly) you could find your hard won position evaporates overnight. This happened with Google in the Autumn of 2003. They changed their algorithms to such an extent that they "lost" a major portion of their valid indexes - just in time for Christmas. They repaired the fault but it took months for some businesses to regain their positions by which time the lucrative Christmas market was a distant memory.

We can recommend strategies for generating targeted traffic from other sources and quantify the results with our Real Time Statistics.

Customers who have bought once can be a valuable asset if you can turn them into repeat purchasers. By using good design to ensure that the purchase is a trouble free experience and by using follow up Email Marketing to your satisfied customers you can encourage them to buy again and again (and recommend you to their friends).

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