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Our online business needed a robust customer management system to ensure our clients had complete confidence it our product.
Annie Hamilton - Director
Cast Iron Range Cookers Cast Iron Range Cookers

The web site was designed using the latest standards to ensure that it performs well on any of the latest standards compliant browsers.

The client needed a professional visually appealing web site to promote his new business, but a major requirement was to have the web site working quickly.

The orginal project brief was delivered at the beginning of July and the web site was live by the end of September, (despite being much larger than the orginal estimate) but this quick turn around was due in part to the high level of involvement from the client who provided the text for the pages and information on where the pictures could be obtained from.

We initially provided four site designs for the client to review and the final site was a combination of elements from those ideas.

We host and manage the system for the client and we are also actively involved in managing the search engine placement of this site.

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Release date - September 2004
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